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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Drawn Opinions By Thommy

Welcome to Drawn Opinions, my experiments in Black & White.
Dedication : In memory of my father, Prof. K. P. Antony whose relentless encouragements made me (also) a cartoonist.

Dr. Thomas A. Kodenkandath, Ph.D
3036 Fox Sedge Lane,Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA.
(303) 683 1102 (R), 508-762 8119 (C)
Senior Scientist, Ascent Solar Technologies.

Father – Prof. K. P. Antony , Mother – Achamma Antony
Wife – Rekha Thomas , Daughters : Bridgit, Priya & Mary

Thommy, born in Trissur is a self-taught cartoonist. While young, he enjoyed sketching people around him and at school he was notorious for making cartoons of teachers. Thanks to early encouragements from his father, late Prof. K P Antony, brother and national award winning artist, Mr. Francis Kodankandath and eminent cartoonist, Shri. Yesudasan his first cartoon appeared in Asadhu in 1980. His first editorial cartoon appeared in The Express of Trissur in 1983 for which he is eternally greatful to its editor, Shri. P. Sreedharan. Since then over 750 of his cartoons have appeared in The Express, The Week, OnLooker, Asadhu etc. Currently Thommy is the contributing cartoonist to India-New England (Boston), Pathram (NY), Malayalam News (Gulf) and other e-zines. Professionally he is a Scientist with expertise in the development of functional materials for enabling technologies. He earned Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). He is a recipient of the UNESCO fellowship for Young Scientists and of Imperial College, London. He believes that being a cartoonist has helped him in the pursuit of excellence in science driven R&D. He has authored over 75 scientific papers and is an inventor in over 12 patents. In 2005, Kerala Center (NY) honored him for his “Extraordinary combination of talents as an Outstanding Scientist and Gifted Cartoonist”. He is a Founding Member of Kerala Cartoon Academy and recently elected to Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC).

Acknowledgements :
I wish to thank many people who guided and those helped to accomplish this event. I would like to thank Kerala Cartoon Academy for this opportunity and especially to Shri. Sudheernath, also for his energy and enthusiasm in leading the efforts of KCA. I am extremely thankful to my mentors Shri. P. Sreedharan, Shri. Yesudasan and Shri PKS Kutty, also for inaugurating this event. I would like to profundly thank Shri. Hassan Koya (Malayalm News), Shri. Taj Mathew (Patram) and Mr, Terry Egan (India-New England) for their support in publishing my works in print and many others who carry it online. Special thanks to Shri R. K. Laxman, who inspired me to continue cartooning with a career in science. I would like to thank all visitors to my blogs and this exhibition. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to my family and friends for their continued support and encouragement.