Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My brief profile, at the end....
വിദ്യാരംഭ കാര്‍ട്ടൂണുകള്‍

ഓഫീസ് കാര്‍ട്ടൂണുകള്‍




about me, the FAToonist :)

Sajjive Balakrishnan (സജ്ജീവ്) blobbing with that once-in-a-while vital statistics …..

45, 5’ 6”, 120kg, 136-224-136. Appear in social networking sites as the Heaviest cartoonist in India. By the by, this FATOONIST is a multiple pun on FAT, TOON & my eternal and elemental joy - the Kerala Vegetarian Sadya (OONU). This title was adopted in 2007 at the time of my initiation into blogging. I regularly blog in Malayalam at http://www.keralahahaha.blogspot.com/ & http://www.ooneswarampo.blogspot.com/ .

In English, it is http://www.1minutecaricatures.blogspot.com/ .

In 1976, prompted by my father, enrolled under my Guru SHANTHANU of the famous Santhanu’s Chitra Vidyalayam, in 1976 for a 6 month postal course in cartooning. Have been drawing Cartoons from 1976 and caricatures from 1978. Since joining the Income Tax Department in 1988, I have been doting on only one thing – that whacky 2 minute stuff of SPEED CARICATURING ! Till now, I must have done about 10000 caricatures including those done for shows.

The best part about being a cartoonist ...

A cartoonist is never alone in a group. He gets liked by all age groups instantaneously once he goes on a roll, esp. if a caricaturist. Incidentally, only a negligible percentage of mainstream artists can draw like a cartoonist. The over-care for finesse in details bludgeons any mad streak in him, which is said only for that devil may care cartoonist. And , ironically, only a very very small percentage of cartoonists in caricaturing for reasons still unknown to me ! And the spot caricaturist is always a rarity, especially of the Fat kind!

my finest moment as a cartoonist....
Still, it is the sight of my 83 year old, deaf, asthmatic, limping mother delightfully looking at my sparing cartoons appearing in strange, unattractive, sparsely decorated magazines sitting alone in her room. Down the years, the magazines alone changed, her delight stay on as perpetual inspiration. I totally believe in

Family matters

It is 4 of us in my family at Ernakulam. My AMMA, wife Lekha (playback singer Lekha R. Nair ) who has sung for 25+ films in Malayalam ( varna vrindaavanam ) in Kaliyoonjaal ) & tamil ( Ippothenna thevai) and my son Siddharth, singer & disciple to his mother in carnatic lessons, and a keyboardist in the making.

Heavily yours,



Unknown said...

Sajjive, excellent!


Junaiths said...

ഇതാപ്പോ നന്നായെ...ആര്‍ക്കും അറിയാത്ത പോലെ..

kar2nist said...

Kalakkan Recharge, monay ganesha,

I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The drawing on 'Sharukhan vs.Sajjive can' was indeed rib-tickling , pun on rib intended!

I particularly liked the ones on Piles inspection, Nambudiri's missing thali and the search for the lost gold ring... Stuff that make you ask in desparation "why the hell didn't i think of it myself ?"

Having said all that, I am leveling a serious charge against you, my boy! You served the Onassadyya alright but forgot to serve us your favourite palada pradhaman! I was in fact eagerly looking for some of those fat...ooops, force of habit...fast caricatures of yours in this lot! It would have been the icing on the cake!
But no sweat, this is enough to give me a god-awful indigestion and the doctor's bill will follow!
Keep the flag flying, boyo!

Thommy said...

Very good collection

muru said...

Super collections.