Monday, August 16, 2010

Thomas K P

Cartoonist Thomas ( K P Thomas) who was born at North Paravoor-Ernakulam district on 2nd June 1938 started career as an illustrator for a children’s magazine Poonilavu while studying in school. David Low’s cartoons published in the Hindu inspired him to draw cartoons. First cartoon published in Weekend magazine of Mathrubhumi. He had drawn thousands of political and social cartoons in various popular magazines in Malayalam.
“Veekshana Visesham” in Mathrubhumi Weekly was a popular cartoon column which was famous for super ideas and excellent drawings. He was a film Producer and a film distributor. His Film “Manimuzhakkam” won Indian President’s Film Award. He was having an ad agency namely “Designers”. He passed away on 31st May, 2009.


Cartoonist said...

hahahaha ! what to say !
What perfection and nativity ,Thomasettan always broght to his characters! His each cartoon is populated by simply malayalees and none else.
That much talked about Laxman trailing has not at all affected his flair in drawing malayalee faces.

And the comments. Though bit lengthy, typical of the times, they simply spew humour!


Thommy said...

So well excecuted cartoons....the lines are crisp and the message is powerful. We all should try to leran from this Master...I remember enjoying is works growing up....he is the RKL of Gods Own Country. Thank you KCA for posting his collection

Nishanth Thachambalath said...

All are Masterworks with good humour.... We all should have the inspiration to improve our drawings after watching these great works of Thomasji. Thanks a lot, KCA.

Balakrishnan Kavungal Anat said...

Simply Great …Nostalgia.. . my childhood .. me staring in to his cartoons for a long time to the details of the drawings .. the naturality of the scenes …..the real “ mallu” look of the characters ….. the voluptuous’ mallu mangas’ .. the flow of the freehand lines … marvelous !!!
….the preset day computer based cartoonists have to learn a lot from Thomas sir’s classic cartoons

Balakrishnan K Anat

kar2nist said...

Reminds me of another Grandmaster in the Business...Browsing thro this collection is pure pleasure. On the flip side, there won't be any more from where these came. A Pity, that!