Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sudheer Nath N B

Sudheer Nath

N B Sudheer Nath who draws under the nom-de-plume of ‘SUDHI’ was born on 24th August 1971, at Mukundapuram, Trissur as the son of late Dr M Babunathan and I K Karthyayini. He is married to Lakshmi Deepa. He has two children, a son named Vinayak Babu and a daughter named Veda Babu.

He has a B.A. in Political Science, a Diploma in Journalism and another Diploma in Public Relations.
His awards run into pages and some of these are as follows: Himal South Asian Cartoon Congress Editors Pick Award 2008, NSB award for his outstanding contribution and praiseworthy achievement in the field of Fine Art and Cartoons , Y’S Men International Award of excellence 2005-06, to name a few.
He has also secured several prizes and awards for Cartoons and Collage Art in University and Inter-University festivals.
The highlight of his career was the appointment as Media adviser to Union Power Minister Late P M Sayeed . He has also worked with The Observer of Business and Politics. He has published 19 Books including three cartoon collections ( Arena of Laughter, vol.1 and 2 in English and Idraprestham (Malayalam cartoons), “ V P Singinte Kavithakal” (Translated poems of V P Singh ), Rupa Humour series (16 Vol) etc
He also edited the now famous ‘123 Cartoons and Caricature on Dr Manmohan Singh’ and the 50-50 Resul Rahman’ book of caricatures for Kerala Cartoon Academy. He was the former Treasurer and now the Secretary of Kerala Cartoon Academy.

He lives at 125, Baghban Apartments, GH/2, Sector 28, Rohini, Delhi-1100042. His permanent address is Nath Mandir,Thrikkakara P.O,Kochi-682021
Contact Ph : 09968996870, 09868264230; 011-27822765
Email : cartoonistsudheer@gmail.com
Web Page: http://www.cartoonistsudheer.com/
Blog: cartoonistsudheer.blogspot.com

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Thommy said...

Great works, Sudhreer....Congrats.
ധീരാ, വീരാ, സുധീരാ....ധീരതയോടെ നയിച്ചോളു KCA യെ (കടപ്പാട് : ധീരാ, വീരാ, വീ. എം. സുധീരാ....ധീരതയോടെ നയിച്ചോളു...first heard when he was ruiing for the chairman of St. Thomas college Union)

kar2nist said...

Quite prolific, aren't you! great!

Cartoonist said...

A uncluttered drawing style, straight rendition of meaning although with a subdued struggle to grasp resemblances, all make Sudheer Cartoons pleasingly distinct. As T.V.G. Menon observed, the prolific display of contexts and characters makes me shy of the days when I dabbled in poilitical cartoons basically with Karunakaran-Nayanar, Joseph-Mani rivalries.

The attitude in cartooning carries itself straight into the cartoonist's organising skills , as well.

I only wish, Sudheernath had spent more time in on the spot illustrations, which he does to perfection !

Ajoy said...

Your hard work and determination reflects on your work. My hearty congrats...and best of luck

Bijuchandran said...

All the best!

Cartoonist Gireesh vengara said...

it's very interesting.

Anuraj said...

cool cartoons.....congrats sudhiyetta...

Anuraj said...

and yes sajjevetta his spot illustration are xcelnt ....

Anonymous said...


Well done, Congrats and best wishes

Venu Rajamony

Anonymous said...

thanks for this. seen.
np chekutty

Anonymous said...

Assalayytondu Sudhi

best wishes

H Iyer

Anonymous said...

All the best. Bhanu.C

Anonymous said...

Really good one Sudheernath...
Alkesh Sharma IAS

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the very attractive cartoon online show.
Joint Secretary.
Ministry of Culture

AP Muhammed Afsal said...

Frankyly His Sexcellency was the only thing that put smile on my face

varghese punalur said...

Dear SudhirNath
I saw the exhiobition
very fine
Yours varghese Punalur

Joji Varghese said...

Best wishes…seen your works earlier at your blog. Any way happy to see your selected works again here in this platform.

Unknown said...

Best wishes…seen your works earlier at your blog. Any way happy to see your selected works again here in this platform.

Anonymous said...

എടാ എല്ലാം നല്ല കാര്‍ടൂണുകള്‍. എനിക്കിഷ്ട പ്പെട്ടു
Malayalam Mission
Department of Official Language

Anonymous said...

sudhi, saw the cartoons,congrts.
Karthika Kattanam

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your swift and easy lines even though could not get the content due to language problem.
cartoonist kaak