Saturday, October 1, 2011


Sajeev Sooranadu, a BFA graduate and disciple of cartoonist Karthika Kattanam in the form of a student of his classroom at school was long giving expression to his angst and frustrations for 12 years while in Saudi Arabia as a graphic designer. His cartoons regularly appeared in Malayalam News and Saudi Times . Occasionally he went loose with his caricatures of the exiled malayalees in the Gulf. He is the recipient of the Best Pravasi Cartoonist Award2010 from the Bharata Sangamam , Riyadh & MEA(Malappuram Expatriates Association) .

Now, the cartoonist is back in his hometown, Sooranadu to settle permanently. Sajeev is married to Shameena. They have two kids.

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth : 5th May 1977 Address: Sheeja Nivas, Thekkemuri, Sooranad, Kollam -690561 , Mobile : 9048003862, Phone (R) : 0476 2851880 EMAIL

The Show was inaugurated on the 1st October 2011 by notedartist Shri Kaladharan at his Orthic Creative Centre, Kochi


cartoonist sudheer said...

Dear sajive,
Good Luck and best wishes for your Cartoon life. Your cartoons all have your own stile. Its one among the positive part.

Biren Kothari said...

Dear Sir,
Can u make a favour by putting the english translation of the sentences/words used in cartoons? It will help many cartoon lovers like a lot.

Thommy said...

Enjoyed....good cartoons

Unknown said...

Shafeek friend

Unknown said...

Good creations