Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Balakrishnan K Anat

Shri. Balakrishnan K.Anat, a native of Thrissur, grew up in Palakkad, Kerala. He took his bachelor's degree in Physics from the Calicut University and Masters in Psychology from the University of Madras. He is presently an Air traffic Controller in Airports Authority of India, Varanasi Airport after having served in airports across the country. He is also a Member of the Aeronautical Society of India.
Balakrishnan has evinced keen interest in fine arts since his school days. He has bagged innumerable prizes for sketching, painting and photography both at the university and state level competitions. After his graduation he freelanced as cartoonist and photographer for leading dailies like The Malayala Manorama, The Hindu and The Telegraph. After a gap of almost 20 years Balakrishnan has returned to the field of cartooning and is freelancing to columns in different publications including international aviation magazines .
Parents - P.K.Menon & Mahalakshmy Menon
Wife - Latha Balakrishnan
Daughters - Krishna Balakrishnan
Varna Balakrishnan

Balakrishnan K . Anat
Senior Manager (ATC)
Airports Authority of India
L.B.S. Airport

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Phone . 09451244589 / 0542 2283051


I extend my heartiest gratitude to Shri Sudheernath, Secretary, Kerala Cartoon Academy for bringing up this platform of an exhibition through the most widely used mass media. It goes without mentioning the support and encouragement of my wife and daughters. I’m also extremely thankful to my creative friends and colleagues .

Dr.Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of India.Well qualified, less utilized.

Bharat Rathna Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
Former President of India- the missile man and a dreamer

Sonia Gandhi
The Italian-born Indian politician. - President , Indian National Congress
Barack Obama
President of the United States. First African American to hold the office-2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Amitabh Bachchan
The Angry young man of the 70s. Arguably India’s greatest ever superstar.
Sachin Tendulkar
The greatest batsman in the history of cricket-first personality without an aviation background to be awarded the honorary rank of Group Captain.

Jyoti Basu
Colossus of the communist and democratic movement- The longest-serving Chief Minister of any Indian state.

Tiger woods
American professional golfer whose achievements were tarnished by his multiple Infidelities revealed by over a dozen women.

The "Mozart of Madras”- the music Factory

Sharukh Khan
The emotional, passionate, intense and funny actor

Lallu Prasad Yadav
Politician from Bihar- The wizard of wits !

Utter Pradesh Chief Minister- the youngest CM - Dalits icon.

Priyanka Chopra
Miss world 2000- Bold & Beautiful- Queen of Bollywood

V.P.Singh - 1990
Former Prime minister of India- efficient , intelligent and bold - the Boforce Bomber !

Chandra Shekhar - 1990.
Former Prime Minister of India- the "Young Turk” !!

Dr.I.K.Gujral - 1990
Former Prime Minister of India - the “Gujral Doctrine” and his neighbours !

Dr.R.K.Laxman -1990
India's greatest-ever cartoonist – the creator of the “The Common Man”.

Madhav Rao Sindia -1990
The Royal politician – Computerization of Indian Railways – his brain child.
Maneka Gandhi - 1990
Model turned politician turned animal rights activist turned environmentalist turned ….
George H.W. Bush - 1990
Former President of the United States.

Osho Rajneesh - 1990
Indian mystic and spiritual teacher – the Sex Guru !

Rekha - 1990
Actress- The Heartthrob of yesteryears.

Whitney Houston - 1990
American pop singer, actress, and former fashion model.
Some of the Caricatures Published in Malayala Daily – 1987

Vivian Richards

Kapil Dev & Sunil Gavasker
Asharuddin & Sreekkant
Navjyot Siddhu &Ravi Shashtri
Dilip Vengsarkar & Manoj Prabhakar
Maninder Singh & Roger Binny

Sivarama Krishnan & Chetan Sharma


cartoonist sudheer said...

Best wishes dear Anaatjee

Nishanth said...

Great caricatures... Sri. Balakrishnanji...!
Best wishes...!

Political Dinosaur said...

nice works best of luck

Krishna Prasad K said...

Excellent-I like your coloured ones -especially Tiger Woods,Jyothi Basu,Lallu & Mayawati -Great works Babu-
M/s Rohini,Prasad & Associates,Architects,Kochi

n madhavan kutty said...

Dear Babu ,

Good work both old and new .

Excellent caricatures of politicians. Joyoti Da

is my toast . But I thought the captions

could be little more tongue in cheek.

sandeep mukerjee said...


टी.सी. चन्दर T.C. Chander said...

Very-very good old and new CARICATURES. Best wishes!

Manoj said...

Bala, my dear colleague and room-mate during bachelor days, that was a good exercise for my cheeks which my wife complains rarely get it!
My favourite is Lalluji!
Best wishes on your creative vision and I look forward to see more from you.

Sankar Ramachandran said...

Great Work ----
Liked all the works ; but some of the those which i liked most are
1. Big B (The Eyes tell a lot)
2. Lallu (Naughty Smile)

Keep Sharing these !!!!!
Sankar Ramachandran

mbw air bag said...

Dear Bala
It was great, what i really liked was that it was more refreshing change from the existing caricatures that we see every day, improve upon it and bring the key factors like expressions etc so that u dont have to give even a title to the drawing........... great to see abundant talent from our native place

Sudeesh Yezhuvath said...


Great job, man! Keep on with the good work. Rekha's caricature is the best! There are two more that you drew during our college days (about another lady and another about a staff guy) that comes to mind...... Well done, once again.

alok tripathi said...

Nice work Bala ji.Congrats.

suneesh said...

Dear Babuvetta,

Excellent...really appreciated.

Best Regards,

UDAYSHANKAR Cartoonist said...

Dear BALA ji,
congrats...fantastic best wishes with you...

Anonymous said...


All the best...

I love the eyes of Tiger Woods..!!!

SVS said...

Dear Bala,
Excellent work. All of them come alive to speak their character.We enjoyed each one of them. We hope to see many more in coming days.

Rekha and Satish

Raj, Kamala Kailas said...
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Raj, Kamala Kailas said...

Congrats Bala, your striving for perfection is clearly visible in the recent works vis-a-vis the yesteryears'... That of Obama and Priyanka Chopra is really really wonderful..My best wishes

KAMALA KAILAS RAJ, +919874784026
Asst.G.M(ATC),NSCBI Airport,Kolkata

rssanthosh said...

Dear Balakrishnan,

we all enjoyed the caricatures & comments...
keep going...
all he best...

santhosh, bindu, soorya & varun

kar2nist said...

Great works indeed! I was particularly captivated by the caricatures of Sonia,Obama,Jyodida, VPS, Maneka and Rajneesh. As for that of RKS, I thought it fetched you the title "kaduvayey pidicha kidua"

Meera said...

Dear Babuchettan,
Congratulations! Great work. We enjoyed the exhibition. We hope to see more of your work in the future.Best Wishes.
Meera Balachandran Sasikumar

Paul P V said...

The cartoon are amazing. I liked Lalujis best
Great works. hearty Congrats

MOHAN said...

Dear Balakrishnan............,
It is like the other side of Midnight.
Amasing to see your calibre on the other side. Hearty congratulations.

sreejith said...

Congrats.. and we are proud of you..

Chakkungal Balakrishnan said...

My dear Babu,

"Excellent" would be too small a word to describe my appreciation of your great work... and to rate one of these as the best...I am confused as each one is better than the other. It's a gift given to you by God. May almighty shower you still in much abundance with the skill and help you scale greater heights in the World of Art.

ALOK said...

Lovely work.Seems all characters will speak up and say ....WAH JANAB!Keep it up.warm regds
Alok and Mamta varshney,9810587802

Aishwarya said...

Very nice work sir the cartoons are too good for words

Nandu said...

super!! :)

sda said...
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sda said...

dear babumama

great lines .. masterful strokes.. each caricature an experience in itself !!!


LAKSHMI said...

very nice work............caricatures of lalu prasad yadav,sachin,abdul kalam are simply excellent!!!!!!!!!!ALL D BEST.......

jaindesh said...

pazhaya suhrutthu Baalayude works onlinil kandu. Valare santhoshamaayi. College kaalatthu thanne Baala ee midukku theliyichittundu. ippol kooduthal mizhivum mikavum vannu. iniyum valaratte. aashamsakal.

V. Jain,
Bureau Cheif,
Deshabhimani Bureau,

Vinodkumar said...


K A S Menon said...

Great Caricature Babu. Cloloured Lalu was fun. No go on a la R K Laxman -contemprory themes subtle and tounge in cheak

Sujan said...

Dear Bala

Those are really excellent ones, I particularly liked the Sonia Gandhi, Lalu jee and Jyoti Basu. We would also like to congratulate you for the recognition of your talents.

Our best of wishes are always with you.


vijay said...

Great work <all the best and expect more great Ideas

vijay kumar


R! said...

Hello Babumama,
Its really awesome! :-) kudos! Especially loved the cricket ones.. ;-) Hope everything is good at your end.. All the best!!


Joshi said...


we enjoyed it.....

Joshi & fly..mumbai

VM said...

Dear Bala,
Great Work ! We enjoyed all the caricatures and Laluji stands out.....may be destined to be so in any form....

I thank God for bringing out the real mettle in YOU through this platform and recognition......

Yes, You are not to be restricted to Indian Skies !

May GOD bless you and your family with lot more laurels.

VM (V.Muruganandam)
Sharmila Muruganandam
Atulya and Anjana

Abdul Salim Caricature said...

Dear balakrishnan ji,
Wishing you all the best .. and Heratly Congratulations to your new exhibition.

Thanx and regrds,
Abdul Salim.

Abdul Salim Caricature said...

Ha ha ha ....Priyanka chopra is nice one...!

gopakumar said...

Dear Bala,

Gald to see your drawings after many years...and more happy to knew that you are back to your drawings...if you have any nostalgic school/college drawings please do post it too..


krish | കൃഷ് said...

Excellent creative work. Superb caricature.


ajit said...

outstanding caricatures ! loved each one of them..congragulations & thanks for sharing your amazing talent !

vikram said...

Outstanding job. Keep it up.

Vikram Kapur.

Ajoy said...

Hi Balakrishnan,

Caricatures are great. Congrats. I quite like those black and whites.
My favourites are Amitab bachan, V.P. Singh and Madhavarao sindya.

Hope to see you next time.
Best wishes

shantaram said...

Enjoyed it. I rate Mayawati & Abdul Kalam as best. R.K.Laxman also very good. Lalu looks innocent,cute.I thank Latha for intimation.
A wonderful decision -after 20 years- whatever prompted, whoever motivated.
Hope to see more..
-S.Bhaskarbhatta, DGM(Com),AAI, Nagpur.

manoj said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Great Job, After BHU exhibition this is other achievement in just within six months.

gift caricature said...

Dear Balakrishnan,
Congrats...fantastic work...bast wishes with you.

v j said...

hai balaji,
Great work. what a versatile person you are!!. I am really proud of you. Keep going!!!.

Nandielath Venugopal said...

Dear Babu
Great. All works are good. I liked all of them. Congratulatrions and Best Wishes.
Nandielath Venugopal

Thommy said...

Nice and Crisp...!!!

Balakrishnan Kavungal Anat said...

E-mail received from veteran cartoonist Yesudasan

പ്രിയപ്പെട്ട ബാലകൃഷ്ണന്‍ ആനന്ദ്‌,
തങ്ങള്‍ എഴുതിയാല്‍ ഇമെയില്‍ കിട്ടി. വളരെ നന്ദി.
കാരിക്കെച്ചരുകളുടെ പ്രദര്‍ശനം കേരള കാര്‍ടൂണ്‍ അക്കാദമിയുടെ വെബ്‌ സൈറ്റില്‍ കണ്ടു. ചിലതെല്ലാം വളരെ നന്നായിട്ടുണ്ട്. ഇനിയും പ്രയത്നിക്കുക.

Jason John said...

Dear Balakrishnan,
Highly commendable caricatures-especially Lalu & Amitabh, SRK & Maneka....Nice expressions & clean strokes...Maybe a little more thought on the captions would have made it better ...Sincerely hope you will spare some time create more of such interesting creations...
Jason John

Dorairajan said...

Its excellent, Bala. Keep up your good and creative work. I wish you attain greater laurals.
D.S.Raghavan, President, ATC Guild(I).

Sindhu said...

Hi Babu.......Real good work!!

We enjoyed the exibition.

I'm really happy about that you have come back to do what you like to do after a while.....Thats great....

Looking forward to see more...

All the very best.....

Sindhu, Surendran & mon

rgbaloo said...

Dear Bala. Got to see your excellent work. Thx to KCA.. Hope to see more and more of your work !! All the best to you !

Balasubramaniam RG

gaurang said...

Hi Bala,

heartiest congratulations. Excellent carricatures. Do keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Gr8 Work

Vinodkumar Thallasseri said...

Dear Bala,

I could not go through the exhibition immtly. As I already commented your lines stand out from others around.

I really liked the cat like Laaluji, the mischief in Tiger Wood's eyes, the spectacles bigger than the eyes of Jyoti Da and a few others.

Keep it up. Best wishes

rohini said...

Dear Babu,

Excellent work. Keep it up.Waiting to see more. All the best.

Molly chechi.

Rohini Prasad
M/S Rohini,Prasad & Associates,Architects,Kochi.

chandhu nair said...

I am not the person to rate it.... But I enjoyed it.....each caricature shows the known typical mannerism of the particular individual and doesn't require any caption or introduction....

Sherin said...

Dear uncle

Excellent work.keep it up.Best wishes.......
sherin shakir
Ashik shakir

murali said...

Hi Bala,
Against all your altogether busy and stressful Profession, you have developped good passion on cartoons and excelling well. All the best
Chennai ATC

Regional said...

Dear Bala,
Excellent work. Proud to have such a talented person in our ATCO community. Keep up the good work. Hoping for some rib-ticlers for the Seminar at Delhi & GCM at VOBL.
Mandeep S Arshi

Radhika said...

Hi Bala,
Enjoyed your cartoons. Happy to see you back in the world of cartoons. Keep it up. Expecting more.
Chennai ATC.


Dear Mr Balakrishnan,
we enjoyed your cartoons. Really Fantastic. SUPER.
All the Best
AAI, Chennai.

jay said...

Dear bala....
excellent work. i like the laluji is amazing to see bachan in a different angle...congratsss... expecting more.....
fm jayamohan calicut airport

Shantha said...

Dear Latha,
i have seen your Husband's cartoons. Really very nice. All the best wishes.
AAI, Chennai

Balakrishnan said...

Dear Baboo,

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!excellant work. Very very happy to see your old drawings again. Baboo...keep up your good work. Hope to see more work soon...ALL THE BEST.


Man said...

Good work. Waiting to see your cartoons depicting good work of ATCO and problems also.
Man Singh & Manisha Singh
CATC Allahabad

Denny said...

Hi Bala, excellent work.Where are those cartoons published in English dailies when we were in Calcutta? Anyway keep it comming to make up for those 20 years you went into hibernation!!

muthu said...

Hi Bala,
thank you so much dear,
 for introducing the world of on line cartoon.
 for allowing me to use your products in my presentations.
 and so on ….

I wish you all success in whatever field u enter.

AR Rehman with Oscar attracted me more
The more I enjoyed is The wizard of wits.

With warm regards and wishes
Muthu, from Mumbai

Cartoonist said...


Terrific caricatures. In fact, yours is the go between the goddamn lined mine and the well-mannered Ninanesque caricatures. And the stylisation is also hugely amusing- a style missing in present malayali cartoonists, except in the newcomer Madhoos.



Unni said...

Babumamae super.. Ellam adopli.. But AR Rahman is the best :)

Ramush said...

Amazing ! to see what you have achieved in your life time. Great work ! You will always be remembered for your sense of humour.

the mind behind the mindless lampoons said...

Great caricatures.Leaves one asking for more......

K Navatha said...

Good article with excellent idea! I appreciate your post.Regards Sarkari Result