Saturday, October 16, 2010

Krishnan P V

Shri P.V.Krishnan was born in 1943 at Aroli, Kannur District Kerala. Started his career as an art teacher. In 1976 he joined the Directorate of Public Relations Government of Kerala as a Designer. His much acclaimed political satire cartoon series 'SAKSHI' (witness) are being published since 1977 in KUNKUMAM Weekly. His cartoons are unique with minimum drawings and few words but with powerful messages .Shri P.V. Krishnan is also an excellent photographer and designer. His works were published in many major magazines and weeklies as cover pages .He has anchored many drawing classes for major Television channels. He is still very active in the cartooning field and his cartoons are being published in many leading Malayalam dailies. He has bagged innumerable prizes in the field of cartooning, photography and poster designing.

Kerala Cartoon Academy has awarded Shri P.V.Krishnan the Fellowship in 2007 and the Cartoonist. K.S.Pillai award in 2009

Wife : Mercy teacher

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Kariam, Sreekariam (P.O)
Cell: 09447001231

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Unknown said...

hai mashe.... more beautyful and splendid work.
tempting to think more about indian politics and social phenomina....
ak gopidas, cn gangadharan,
vs deeepthi, rajesh k


rajesh chalode said...

Good works... congratulations.....Rajesh chalode

നമുക്ക് ചുറ്റും said...

പ്രമേയങ്ങള്‍ വിഭവ സമൃദ്ധം ,,,
ടി എം അന്‍വര്‍ സാദത്

Unknown said...

Less liens, More experssions, Best caricature.
I like very much Krishnans cartoons.
Best wishes

Dr. P V Purushothaman said...

Dear Krishnan mash,

your pen is strong enough to strike the evil forces .
please go ahead....
with regards,


Unknown said...

A video programe by Krishnan mash explaining the histoy and development of Malayalam Cartoon world.
Watch and share,

cynita roy said...

really amazing..... am beyond words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cynita roy

Anonymous said...

Home Mash

I saw your cartoons.
Sreenivasan, Ernakulam